The Convenience of Automatic Gates

Many types of properties can be made safer with security fencing. When automatic gates are part of the package, it increases not only safety, but also convenience.


It would be inconvenient to have to exit your car just to open your security fence. If you install automatic gates, then the sensor can detect that you are in an authorized vehicle and open the gates for you.This makes it faster and easier to come and go as you please.

Screening Visitors

When visitors arrive at your home or business, there are a few ways you can use automatic gates to determine who enters.
• Install a keypad and share the code with those you trust.
• Allow entry to visitors you recognize using a remote from inside the property.
• Provide authorized visitors with sensors for their own vehicles.

Gate Timers

Property holders of various types can benefit from installing timers on their gates:

• Business owners can permit clientele to enter the property during business hours, and then close the gates after hours.
• Homeowners can keep their gates open to visitors during the day, andthen securelyclosed at night.
• Ranchers and farmers can time their gates to open during the day, allowing their livestock to roam, and thenclose at night, keeping their animals safe from predators.

Having automatic gates is one way you can keep your property safe while making your life a little bit easier. Visit this website to learn more about automatic gates in Austin.

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Reasons a Chain Link Fence Improves a Park

One of the most popular fencing options available is chain link. You have likely seen this at numerous types of properties, including parks. Installing a chain link fence can do a lot for the overall enjoyment of a playground, so it should be highly considered.

Enhances Safety

The addition of a fence ensures that unwanted guests cannot enter a property while small children and pets remain secure in the facility. By having a chain link fence around a playground, you can be confident in knowing that all the kids will be unable to wander off and get lost.

Does Not Detract From Visibility

Many fences are completely solid, so you cannot see what is on the other side. This may be preferable in certain circumstances, but at a park, you want to be able to see kids on the other side. While you are sitting on a bench, you can keep an eye on youngsters with the aid of chain link.

Does Not Require Much Maintenance

Chain link is generally galvanized to prevent it from rusting in a short time frame. Therefore, it will continue to look great after it has been there a while.

If there is a park you frequently visit without proper fencing, look into getting the situation remedied. More information about chain link in San Marcos can be acquired at this website.

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Fence in Your Property

There are many choices when having a fence installed on your property. Wood and aluminum are common. An expert contractor can combine material to meet your goals. Call today for a free design consultation and quote.

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Poultry Fencing: Your Number One Tool To Protect Your Poultry

If you own chickens or other poultry, poultry fencing is highly recommended to keep your birds enclosed and safe from predators.

Whether you raise poultry as part of a larger farming complex or keep them around as more of a hobby, these birds are an asset to be protected. Proper poultry fencing is key to keeping the birds safe. A well-formed enclosure will help ensure that the birds do not wander far or get lost, and will also keep foxes, coyotes and other potential away from the birds.

The main purpose of poultry fencing is to keep chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry birds from harm’s way. Most birds will not seek to wander far from their food and shelter, so the real threat comes from outside the enclosure in the form of predators.

Unfortunately, given the wily nature of poultry predators, any old type of fencing will not do to fully protect poultry. In order to effectively keep predators out of the birds’ enclosure, a fence must preclude a predator from climbing it, be high enough so that a predator cannot jump over it, and make it impossible for a predator to dig under it. Poultry fencing is designed to accomplish these three tasks as reliably as possible.

In terms of precluding predators from into the poultry enclosure, a number of fencing options are possible. For one, the fence can be designed with a diagonal overhang facing outward. Another potential design is to purchase a fence that is purposely not rigid at the top. With less secure support, a predator will have a more difficult time climbing a non-rigid fence. These two non-climb features – an overhang and a non-rigid top – go to show the ways in which a fence needs to be specialized in order to properly function as poultry fencing. A determined fox, for example, can climb a five foot fence, but not one with an overhang or non-rigid top.

In the end, predators can and often will be very persistent when it comes to infiltrating coups and enclosures for food. This fact is precisely why it is so important to install only proper poultry fencing around your birds. Anything less may well turn out to be a waste of your time and money.

The best way to avoid the devastation of finding that a predator has picked off one or more of your birds is to set up a fence that is up to the challenge of impeding predators. A professional fencing company can be an invaluable resource in this regard by offering a number of poultry fencing solutions. To learn more about the value of poultry fencing and the various options available for farm fence in Round Rock, please visit this website.

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Gateway to Beachside Fun

This sturdy pair of sand-weathered wooden fences offers a fun little pathway straight towards the ocean. The fact that the fences are still there despite their constant exposure to the elements is a testament to their durability.

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Top Two Reasons to Secure Your Storage Yard With a Security Fence

If you own or manage a storage yard, chances are you have considered the importance of property security. Your premises may require surveillance and specialized fencing in order to keep the stored material fully secure. Security fences are ideal for this particular application. It is a good idea to install a high quality security fence around your storage facility for two key reasons: these fences provide both visual and physical security.

A security fence can generate visual security simply by appearing imposing. As an obvious display of fortification, a security fence can stop a thief in his or her tracks before they even attempt to infiltrate your property. These fences can come in a number of different forms, including:

  • Razor wire
  • Barbed wire
  • Electric fencing
  • Bollard fencing

All of these types of security fence are easily identifiable and known to be difficult to penetrate. Thus, in each case, the fence is visibly secure, deterring thieves and ensuring the safety of your property.

Even if the sight of the fence alone is not enough to deter a thief, these fences can still function as effective physical barriers that keep the storage yard secure. Particularly when combined with 24 hour surveillance, these fences can be practically impossible to penetrate.

The best security fences come with a two year warranty, which makes the investment all the more worthwhile. A warranty like this demonstrates to the buyer the fencing company’s confidence in the quality of their product. If you wish for more information regarding security fence installation like a razor wire installation in San Marcos and the ways in which it can help protect storage yard properties, please visit this website.

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Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Release Industry Forecast

According to CLFMI, the chain link fence industry foresees continued growth for high-security projects for both commercial and residential areas….read more

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