Three Reasons Your Store Needs Bollards

Installing bollards outside of your store is a simple move that has a significant impact. Here are three ways that bollards work for stores:

Preventing Collisions

It might not seem like something to worry about, but vehicular collisions with buildings are surprisingly common. Bollards not only protect your building from such collisions, but they also protect your guests. Drivers and pedestrians alike are often distracted as they navigate store exits and parking lots. Bollards provide a safe barrier as well as a clear delineation of pedestrian and driver zones.

Providing Security

Installing lit bollards is a great way to improve the lighting and security outside your store.
Whenyour customers visit your store in the evening hours, your store will seem more welcoming to them if they have additional lighting aside from street lights. Not only is it courteous to give your customers a well-lit parking lot, but better lighting also reduces the likelihood of crimes taking place on your premises.

Aesthetic Appeal

Ornamental bollards can improve the aesthetic of your storefront.People are hardwired to have a preference for things they find visually appealing, so you should make sure that the outside of your store is just as well-kept as the inside. When you choose an ornamental bollard style that complements your store’s look, your guests will feel the difference.

These are just a few of several ways that installing bollards can be beneficial to your business. Take a look at this website to learn more about bollard installation in Round Rock.


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Mark advises people on fence and security techniques and industry trends.
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