Poultry Fencing: Your Number One Tool To Protect Your Poultry

If you own chickens or other poultry, poultry fencing is highly recommended to keep your birds enclosed and safe from predators.

Whether you raise poultry as part of a larger farming complex or keep them around as more of a hobby, these birds are an asset to be protected. Proper poultry fencing is key to keeping the birds safe. A well-formed enclosure will help ensure that the birds do not wander far or get lost, and will also keep foxes, coyotes and other potential away from the birds.

The main purpose of poultry fencing is to keep chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry birds from harm’s way. Most birds will not seek to wander far from their food and shelter, so the real threat comes from outside the enclosure in the form of predators.

Unfortunately, given the wily nature of poultry predators, any old type of fencing will not do to fully protect poultry. In order to effectively keep predators out of the birds’ enclosure, a fence must preclude a predator from climbing it, be high enough so that a predator cannot jump over it, and make it impossible for a predator to dig under it. Poultry fencing is designed to accomplish these three tasks as reliably as possible.

In terms of precluding predators from into the poultry enclosure, a number of fencing options are possible. For one, the fence can be designed with a diagonal overhang facing outward. Another potential design is to purchase a fence that is purposely not rigid at the top. With less secure support, a predator will have a more difficult time climbing a non-rigid fence. These two non-climb features – an overhang and a non-rigid top – go to show the ways in which a fence needs to be specialized in order to properly function as poultry fencing. A determined fox, for example, can climb a five foot fence, but not one with an overhang or non-rigid top.

In the end, predators can and often will be very persistent when it comes to infiltrating coups and enclosures for food. This fact is precisely why it is so important to install only proper poultry fencing around your birds. Anything less may well turn out to be a waste of your time and money.

The best way to avoid the devastation of finding that a predator has picked off one or more of your birds is to set up a fence that is up to the challenge of impeding predators. A professional fencing company can be an invaluable resource in this regard by offering a number of poultry fencing solutions. To learn more about the value of poultry fencing and the various options available for farm fence in Round Rock, please visit this website.


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