Noteworthy Facts About Fencing

For hundreds of years, fences have been a part of human culture. They signify property ownership, bar unwanted trespassers, and adorn various landscapes. You may think you have a pretty strong understanding of fences, but there are some facts about these structures that may be new to you.

The Development of Barbed Wire and Chain-Link Fencing

During the 1800s, American farmers began migrating to southern and western regions of the country. Up to this time, wood and stone fences dominated, but such materials were scarce outside of the northern regions. This led to the rise of barbed wire fences, which were invented in 1873. This type of fencing increased in popularity over the years and eventually led to the development of chain-link fencing.

The Origins of Vinyl Fencing

In recent years, vinyl fencing has become a popular choice among homeowners. Highly versatile and beautiful, this type of fencing adds value to a property. While many people are familiar with its benefits, they may not know the origins of vinyl fencing. These fences are typically crafted from synthetic plastics. In addition to being commonplace in residential areas, the fences are also installed alongside horse racing tracks.

Learn More About Fences

Most people give little thought to the structures that line their property. However, there is an fascinating history behind fences. These are just a couple of the interesting facts associated with them. If you wish to learn more about fence installation in San Marcos, visit this website.


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