How to Select a Suitable Fences For Your Horse Farm

When constructing a horse farm, you should carefully consider the type of fencing to install. Some fences are not conducive to a safe boarding facility. By heeding the following advice, you can ensure that your horses are not only protected but also happy and healthy.

Fences to Avoid

Certain fences do more harm than good. Case in point, barbed wire fences can easily entrap horses, causing them to panic and attempt to violently escape. If you decide to install a mesh fence, make sure it has small openings. Any apertures bigger than three inches are a recipe for disaster.

Fences to Install

Some of the most common types of horse farm fencing include:

  • Wood
  • Wire
  • PVC
  • Pipe
  • Electric

All of the above are strong options to choose from. Understand that some types of fencing are more expensive than others. More importantly, some fences prove stronger than others. Pipe fences, for example, are extremely durable and capable of withstanding various forces. Wood fences are also quite strong, though they require regular maintenance. Speak with a fencing professional if you are unsure about which type of fence to install. He or she can advise you on how to choose the proper fencing.

Importance of Selecting the Proper Fence

Horses are special animals, and not every fence is able to protect them. Only install fencing approved for horse farms. In choosing the proper type, you keep your equines safe and healthy. To learn more about fencing or schedule an appointment for installation of a farm fence in Round Rock, you can visit this website.


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